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maksan Blinds

Integrated Magnetic Cordless, Attachable Cordless system



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maksan Blinds

Integrated Magnetic Cordless, Attachable Cordless system


1. Integrated magnetic cordless systems (double glazed)

These systems are first functional and simple solutions for lifting, lowering and rotating of classical venetian and pleated blinds set between two insulating window-panes with at least 20 mm inter space. System is fully magnetic and cordless which makes it unique and different then any other existing integrated system on the world wide market.

There are so many advantages comparing with existing systems on the market so the product was awarded in the year 2008 with gold medal as the best innovation in the world on three different exhibitions - Nurnberg (Germany), Geneva (Swiss) and Bucharest (Romania). 

When the final user decide to use this system, window or glass producers who are our cooperators install it between two glass panes and we just deliver one or two extern handles depends of the ordered model. It means that there is no need for final user to mount the venetian or pleated blinds but only to attach system handles on the glass. 

2. Attachable cordless

After couple of years we developed integrated magnetic system in to the brand new system which is made to be attached directly on the window glass pane by final user. With specially designed rails-guides of the system that self-fixing procedure becomes possible.

Biggest advantage of this system is very simple&fast mounting and possibility to replace eventual damaged slat of the blinds. As the system is cordless and directly handed it is not necessary to have central line in the blinds which goes through each slat. That makes the system with venetian blinds in closed position nearly black out because slats are made without holes at all. With attachable & integrated systems we offered to the final user two options to use Maksan systems - between two insulated glass panes or directly on the glass panes.  System is first time presented in public on the one of the biggest exhibition in the world for this kind of industry - R&T Stuttgart-Germany-28.02.-03.03.2012

Company Maksan Inventa presented product together with exclusive distributor for Scandinavian market - company Maksan Magnetic Blinds AB from Sweden

3. Attachable magnetic cordless inner system

Because of big demand from the market specially from Scandinavian market we have developed new system which is designed for special type of wooden windows and doors with “two wings” so they could be open to clean glass panes from inner side. It is very similar like Attachable cordless system but there are two basic differences.

It is designed to be attached on the inner side of the glass pane and it is fully magnetic. System is also designed to be mounted by the final user and not by window or glass producer. Between all the models we have in this system there is one which is called Classic MN. It is special model created to use pleated mosquito net with two options of movement.

It can be moved in up-down or left-right directions and it represents very original and unique solution for mosquito net on the window frame.

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